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11/12/2018: Five new Multiload games contributed by Spirax :Sword of Ianna, Dragons Lair I, Dragons Lair II, Batman the Movie and Batman Trilogy. Already available at  downloads.

10/14/2018: CPC Dandanator assembly test PCBs arrived from the factory, looking good -  production started!.

10/14/2018: Three new Multiload games contributed by Spirax : Pang, Rainbow Islands & Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. Already available at  downloads.

08/31/2018: The Mojon Twins presents a compilation of its MK1 and MK2 games for Spectrum. Nothing less than 25 games in a custom romset for dandanator: “Mr.T Pretujao Collection”. (Pretujao is Spanish slang for very tight) Already available at  downloads.

08/11/2018: Two new Multiload games contributed by Spirax : Bobby Carrot and Abe’s Mission: Escape. Already available at  downloads.

02/23/2018v7.0 released Now supporting multiload games converted by mad3001 (So far: Castlevania spectral interlude, Mighty final fight, Prince  of Persia, La abadia del crimen, Gauntlet and Chuckie egg 2) games supporting saving progress save it to the dandanator. Also includes by default ZX Diagnostics 0.36 by Brendan Alford. Romset creation tool and  “.MLD” games available at downloads.

01/09/2018v6.9 available. Includes support for Castlevania Spectral Interlude Dandanator version, by mad3001. Now at the downloads page.

01/09/2018: Romsets for Sword of Ianna, Castlevania Spectral Interlude and Aventuras AD compilation available for download.

09/28/2017: Dandanator Mini has been tested in a ZX Spectrum NEXT and it works great.

05/10/2017: Note to all Dandanator 2.0 owners: Please, remove capacitor C4 for the pause function to work properly. V1.0 and 2.1 boards do not need any modification.

04/26/2017Retroshop.pt now selling already built dandanator kits. Thanks Ricardo.

02/16/2017User Manual including videos (English/Spanish) explaining audio and kempston-serial gameset update.

01/20/2017: v2.1b schematics released. All Kicad schematics, gal equations and gerber files for V2.1b boards now available at the downloads section.

10/15/2016PCB V1.0 Mod tutorial to support eeprom updating using audio, kempston or divide is online


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